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Treadmill Console PZK-15G

This treadmill console was not producing the proper PWM signal to drive the motor board accordingly. The malfunction was hunted down and fixed by replacing some ICs. Yet another customer served!

Seagate BlackArmor NAS220

A firmware upgrade does not always end up as expected. Especially when you don’t have enough patience to wait for it to finish.

At last, our R&D department had a couple of days to spare, so they managed to cook proper UBOOT and openWRT images for this Kirkwood 88F6-LG02 device. It wasn’t easy or straightforward but guys down there always love the challenge!

We found many useful information here but we decided openWRT was a better choice, as no extra USB stick was needed and this device had enough flash to run it.

HP ML350 G5 RAID failure

It is not unusual for an old HP Smart Array E200i RAID controller to “forget” it’s configuration and convert an array from level-5 to level-1 with disastrous results. Thankfully, our emergency team was able to restore a valid backup and replace the faulty disks. The server was again up and running with minimal down-time.

I don’t need to mention that a server replacement is needed immediately!

Dishwasher board WQP6-3203

Our electronics lab easily repaired a faulty WQP6-3203 dishwasher board that was damaged due to water leak in the board’s housing.

DCMD treadmill board

Today our electronics lab refurbished a malfunctioning treadmill board of the famous DCMD series. It originally came from an old, unbranded treadmill and was seriously damaged due to motor bad condition.

Nokia N900 usb port rework

Anyone else into vintage tech? Nokia’s N900 was one of it’s kind. Maemo OS was soon abandoned, but this unique device was a true monster back at the day, with specs beyond imagination, and a full keyboard for all your hacking needs.

No wonder why our customer wanted it again back and running. The usb port though was seriously damaged and needed to be replaced, along with a small power line that was ripped from the PCB.

After we checked that everything was working, we replaced this wire with proper wire-wrap and applied a drop of epoxy to keep everything in place.

Cable Management before & after

Do you like before – after images ? We love them! Especially when the show a job well done! I guess we don’t need to mention which one displays the situation our network team found when arrived…

Spiders -yes spiders- in a computer

Why not? Someone can say… Its warm, clean and shady, with plenty of room and fresh air… Nobody bothers to clean it – Its perfect!

Although, our tech guys are not afraid of spiders, the tenant of this establishment had left before this unit arrived at our workshop.

Windows 2000 file copy

If you have never seen such a screen in your tech life you are lucky! Especially if you never had to wait a few hours until the whole system crashes trying to read an damaged hard disk sector.

Luckily this time everything went smooth for our emergency team. All files were copied successfully and moved to the new server.

Toshiba laptop ram issue

In computers, when you see red, it is never good news!

This laptop was randomly crashing very often, and a quick check showed that one of the ram modules was faulty – or maybe not? After replacing the seemingly faulty module, the same error appeared again.

A careful investigation showed that the problem was on the motherboard.; the south-bridge IC had overheated had to be re-balled.

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